What Makes A Good Website?

Top 5 things that make a website look good and perform well.


There are a number of things a company should look at when it comes to their website. The way your website looks is only the start of it as there are many things that go on behind the scenes of a website’s performance. Here you can see 5 things that make a website look good and perform well.

1. Professional Design

A professional website design is very important. A website that is outdated and that doesn’t look very appealing will lose credibility with your customers which could end in losing their business. Your website can often be the first point of contact with new customers so fresh, quality content will make a good first impression.

2. Mobile Responsive

60% of internet users are viewing content on their mobile phone so if your website isn’t mobile responsive then that is a lot of new customers you could be losing. A responsive website will automatically change to fit the device that the website is being viewed on whether it be a desktop, a mobile or a tablet.

Responsive Website

3. Quality Content

It’s extremely important for your website to have quality, relevant content. This includes text and images. If you write things that aren’t relevant to your business or if you’re writing things just for the sake of it then customers will lose interest. High quality images will also make your website and business look more professional where blurry, low quality images may drive potential customers away.

4. SEO

Your website might look great but it’s not going to be very effective if nobody can find it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) will help people find your website when browsing on different search engines. This means using the correct keywords, including a good amount of links, giving your different website pages names and also using images and videos.


5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great digital marketing tool that allows you to measure a number of different things including customer engagement, conversion rate and what devices visitors are looking at your website on. Looking at all these different results coming from your website can help determine what is working and what isn’t and from there you can make the changes that are required.

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