3 ways to grow your company online

Online Use

At SPP Media, we have many different avenues to help businesses get found more, examples of this are print media as well as signage of your brand on areas such as bus shelters and roundabouts. One of our most recent developments within the company is we now understand the importance of people wanting to get found more online by their current and potential customers. We’ve made a list of our Top 3 ways in which we can help get you found more online.

1. A Website/Landing page

A website or landing page makes a significant impact to finding your company online. This is like a digital version of your business being open online 24/7 where people can access your site and learn more about your business. Having your own website means you can keep up with competition online, whether you have a landing page, which stands as a means to give some information about your business with a contact option, or whether you have a multi page website with the ability to shop online.

2. Target your audience and advertise to them through social media

Social media is an integral part of most of our lives now, where we follow our friends and family, like and share posts, and is also a platform where we get served information which may be of interested to us as consumers, based on things we may have been searching online or whether we are in the area of a business who are promoting themselves. Facebook advertising is an example I’ll use, which currently boasts over 2.2 billion monthly users. Through advertising through Facebook, you can target an audience based on their age, their demographic, their interests as well as their behaviours. This means that when you are putting your advert of your business out there, if the targeting has been refined correctly, your advert should be served to people who are genuinely interested in your business and the services/products your provide.

Online Use

3. Reputation Management

A business is maintained and continues to grow for many reasons, one of the most important of these is the companies reputation. With 97% of businesses have said that online reputation management is important to their business*, this statistic clearly shows the importance of handling reviews from customers online, and ensuring queries are answered and connecting with customers online and finding out from them what could help make their experience with you better.

Online Use

This is our Top 3 ways to get found online, maintaining a good reputation with customers, serving people who will have an interest in your company an advertisement of your brand, and a website or landing page to direct them too

If you’d like to know anymore about how we can help you to achieve these, please contact us on : r.mackintosh@spp-group.com or contact us on : 01463 233059

(*information gathered from Forbes, https://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanerskine/2018/07/30/study-97-of-business-owners-say-online-reputation-management-is-important-heres-how-to-keep-up/#c67493e6c029)

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